Cell Phone Camera Vomit Time!

It's time again for me to share with you a few ridiculous or hopefully somewhat amusing photos taken with my trusty friend, phone.

This first photo was taken at Joann's when I was looking for Halloween decor.  Now I know some people tend to attempt to speak "Spanglish" by adding an 'o' to the end of words and pretending it's Spanish (I assure you, 99% of the time it's not, sorry! ;-)) but I'm pretty sure the word they needed here was Bienvenido.  Or, you know, Welcome.

Yes, I did totally take a bathroom self portrait.  Why?  Because it was haircut day, which means my awesome hair girl cut really nice layers into my hair and styled it nice. Annnnnd I knew darn well my ability to duplicate said style after washing my hair myself would be nonexistent. (I was right.  But now you know what my hair is supposed to look like!)

This photo.  Oh this photo just makes my stomach knot up.  I believe I'd worked a 15 hour day the night that picture was taken.  It was part of a week filled with insanely long and stressful workdays.  And then, as I got up to finally try to get some sleep, I managed to spill my coffee (decaf) on my stack of finally organized and perfectly complete papers.  Thank God for the manila envelope!  Sigh.

Now THIS is particularly awesome, because you see, this warning label is attached to the cord of my professional quality curling iron.  The one I bought because it heats up to 410 degrees.  I'm pretty sure it could burn ANY freaking body part it unfortunately comes in contact with!  But hey, I know for sure it'd burn my EYE.

After Thanksgiving, the hubby and I had a very unfortunately conversation that including googling such things as "What is my BMI" and utilizing calculators.  People. Do NOT do this the day after Thanksgiving!  I mean seriously!  BAD idea.  So, when I went to meal plan for the upcoming week, hubs brought me my meal board and explained he'd taken care of it and his meals were in line with our necessary dieting.  Anyone hungry for Wednesday's meal?  Mmmmmmmmmnotsomuch.

This final picture is of a sign I saw at the local Childrens' Hospital, in the parking lot, placed just ahead of a curb.  And while I appreciate a conscientious warning I've certainly never seen such a sign warning me of a curb before, so I had to kind of laugh to myself about it.  And of course, snap a pic.  But then, upon further reflection, I realize to properly prepare me for everything my klutzy self is like to trip over, there'd need to be a sign anywhere the ground is not entirely flat and potentially one simply at the toes of my shoes.  It's not easy being a klutz I tell ya!

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  1. Nice recap! Why is it that we can't ever duplicate that salon styled hair? Love Bran's weight loss menu.


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