A fresh year with new goals.

That's right, I said goals. Not resolutions. Nope. Not me, I am not making those things this year!  Committing to something for an entire year is HARD. Really hard. And last year taught me, kind of unrealistic.  

My resolutions from last year:
1. Lose weight, get healthy:  Well, I did do pretty well in this area for the first half of the year, but after the car accident in August, and being banned from exercise, well, it got ugly and wallow-y quick.  FAIL.
2. Improve my home:  I guess I succeeded? We up and moved to a home that suits our needs and lifestyle 1,000 times better after I improved 1.5 rooms.  Hmmm, success, with a little dash of fail ;-)
3. Improve my blog content: I'd like to think that in fact, I did succeed in this area.  The increase in traffic appears to prove I must be at least a little bit right.  I don't claim to be the best blogger by any means, but I'm proud of the work I've put into this lil' site over the past year especially and feel I was able to branch out beyond the typical fodder of previous years. Win.

This year:
Wait, were you expecting my resolutions here?  I told you, no resolutions!  Ah, but GOALS, goals yes.

Last year, social media guru, DJ Waldow, launched a web-wide challenge to commit to exercise (specifically push ups and sit ups or some other simple routine of your choosing) for 28 days.  He did this as a personal challenge to himself as well, and said the words "28 days?  I can do anything for 28 days."  I nodded in silent agreement while reading that statement, and jumped on board his challenge, and successfully completed it too.  So based on that success, and my full agreement with the statement "I can do anything for 28 days" and the simple knowledge that in general, most of us are more successful when we break goals down into manageable chunks, I've decided to set goals 28 days at a time.  Or rather, one month at a time, because it's a little easier to track and transition that way.

So, without further adieu, my goals for the month of January are:


  1. I think you definitely succeeded on the homefront! I love seeing your house updates and think the changes you've made to your new home are great. Good luck with the goals for the new year! I agree with the "manageable chunks of time" part. It is all mental and that is one way to outsmart ourselves! :)

  2. ugh I REALLY need to start exercising again, even if it's just taking the baby out on a walk around the block- I need to get moving!
    It's just too easy to stay holed up in my house since it's chilly out but what am I waiting for? The lovely sweltering summer heat? ha.
    Man, I'm just so good at making excuses!

  3. Admit it, new year's resolutions are not meant to be achieved by year's end anyway. It's just unfortunate that you met a car accident at the onset of the year. I'm sorry to hear that.
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