Welcome 2012!

Hello dear reader!  I hope that you've enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with family and friends and furry friends too!  I am so grateful to have had 11 days off of work to recharge and enjoy the holidays with my favorite people, so I hope you don't mind it having been a bit slow here.

As we move into this bright, fresh new year, here are a few photos of my favorite holiday season moments:
Making Spiderman cookies
Bowling with munchkins
Cowboy Christmas with the fam

Friendsmus gift exchange

Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2012!


  1. Enjoyed the photos very much! And wow!!! Didn't know you guys made Spiderman cookies till now! Cool!

  2. Those spiderman cookies are awesome! And man oh man, Keegan has GORGEOUS eyes! How did I never notice that before!? <3
    You guys are such a cute family :)

  3. Your son's poses are just killing me! Could he be any more adorable? I think not. I love it. ;)

    Also, you are absolutely gorgeous, lady. Truly.

    I have a feeling 2012 will be a fantastic year for you and your sweet family. Hugs!

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