Preparing for Halloween 2012

It's that time of year again -- time to see Christmas ads from Target on t.v.!

Wait, well, sadly that too -- but I really mean Halloween of course.

Hubby and I attended a fun Halloween party with friends over the weekend, and we needed inexpensive, last minute costumes. Thanks to my friend Heather, we came up with Edward Cullen & Gwen Stefani. (Yes, I know those two are not a couple.)
"Edward Cullen" and I
 For Edward, I just helped Brandon blow dry his hair straight up and out with lots of hairspray and coated him in frosty Wet n' Wild eye shadow to give him a pale, sparkly complexion. (That part was fun, I'll admit.) A little gray shadow (I busted out the good stuff and put MAC on him, ha!) under his eyes and he was good to go.

For my costume I wore a black bra under a white tank (not something I would do any other time, but when in Rome...) and since it was cold, I threw on a black and white cardigan. Of course the hair required some major teasing and as much hairspray if not more than "Edward" needed, and the final touches were some serious lashes and red lipstick.

Heather (the aviator - another quick costume idea!) & myself
Another easy costume, Heather's boyfriend Roque as a hipster
 Both "costumes" (I'm using that loosely here, to be fair) were easy and took less than 20 minutes to pull off, so if you need a last minute idea -- bam -- you're set!

Tonight was pumpkin carving night, and Keegan was able to maneuver the carving tools a bit this year and did some of his own work.

Our pumpkin was trying to procreate it seems.

Each year, kiddo looks so much bigger next to Dad...

Hard at work (I want his eyelashes.)

Painting his Angry Birds pumpkin

Finished products
We're looking forward to a fun and low-key Halloween this year, with a Trunk-or-Treat filled evening. Hope you and your family have a safe and fun holiday!

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  1. Your husband's Edward Cullen is just killing me. SO GOOD. And you look gorgeous!


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