Trader Joe's: It's like a toy store, but for food.

For anyone who doesn't have a Trader Joe's nearby, I'm so sorry in advance for this post, but I simply must write it.

I recently returned to Trader Joe's after not having been for a while. When Fresh and Easy opened near my house, I stopped shopping Trader Joe's as often, and was shopping at F&E and Target 95% of the time.

Two weekends ago, I returned and realized how much I'd been missing.

I really like all three stores, and each for their own reasons, but I've discovered four amazing things Trader Joe's makes in the past two weeks, and I just have to share them with you because they are so delicious!

1. My new vice: Trader Joe's Mini (100 calorie!) Milk Chocolate Bars
I was shopping with my little sister (who's actually taller than me, but hey, that's beside the point) and she pointed these out to me. The box contains 5 "mini" candy bars and sells for $1.99. I figured, 100 calories? Why not! A good after dinner treat that's not too sinful, right? Totally right! These chocolate bars really aren't that mini. They're quite satisfying (about half a Hershey bar worth of chocolate I'd guess) but the greatest thing about them is their quality. They are so creamy and delicious, they are definitely steps above the typical cash register fare at the regular grocery store. The Hershey's chocolate I've eaten since buying these bars just doesn't compare anymore.

2. Garlic Chipotle Salsa
This salsa is a nice change of pace from the traditional style and is really tasty! Not too hot, but with enough kick to keep things exciting, this is my second jar in two weeks, and I see it becoming a weekly staple item.

3. Garlic and Herb Butter

This purchase was one based upon entrapment I tell you! Entrapment! The lady handing out samples in the back of the store was providing this, melted, with pillowy bread. One bite of bread, and it was hopeless trying to resist buying the butter. In the cart it went.

4. Yogurt Stars

Crunchy vanilla cookies, coated in strawberry, blueberry and vanilla yogurt. These things are delicious! You can have 8 (they're a good size) in a serving and they're very flavorful. I nice change of pace and very unique. I've never had anything quite like them. The one shocker -- my yogurt and cookie loving son didn't care for them! Oh well, more for mom! ;-)

So, what are your favorite Trader Joe's treats?


  1. Have you tried the pumpkin butter? it is delicious. Also the reduced calorie cilantro salad dressing is amazing with tons of flavor! The nacho queso dip is really good too and low calories.

    some other favorites:
    lite brie
    coffee, sugar and chocolate grinder

  2. Mmm the pumpkin butter sounds yummy! What do you put it on? I'm not huge on cilantro, but I know my MIL loves that dressing, she always has it in her fridge! I came soooooo close to buying that grinder this past week, but put it back telling myself "draw the line Nat! Stop!" because I'd put so many non-list items in the cart, ha! I'm so going to grab it next time ;-)

  3. I have to go shopping today...I always forget about TJ. It is out of my 2 mile radius. Maybe I will go that way and take a look. I am hearing all kinds of goodness about that Cookie Butter that they have. Have you tried it?

    1. Yes! It's in my cupboard currently! Delicious on apple slices! Mmmmm

  4. I use the pumpkin butter on a lot of things. My favorite is to mix it in my greek yogurt and then dip fruit in it (or put on grilled peaches if you can still find some). I mix it in oatmeal. put it on toast. it would taste good on anything really.


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