Cosmetic companies missing the mark on new lipstick trend?

It's no secret that I'm a beauty product junkie. A large number of the texts in my history involve deals I found at Ulta, products my sister recommends, dupes Andrea discovered, or the half-price Urban Decay palettes scored from Nordstrom Rack. I like makeup. I spend a good portion of my "fun money" (you know, that little tiny bit that's left after you do all the responsible things, like pay bills and buy food?) on makeup. But, even I have to draw a well-defined, heavily pigmented kohl line when it comes to falling for every new beauty trend, just because the cool cosmetic companies say I should.

On Black Friday, my eyes widened a bit as I saw an email hit my inbox from M.A.C. -- ooooh! Black Friday and M.A.C.! What could this be? What wonderfulness awaits?

I opened the email to discover...


Seriously? GREY? Was this a joke? After the gorgeous Glamourdaze collection, they bring us GREY lipstick?

Whatever. M.A.C. is known for out there colors and creating the colors you can't find anywhere else -- apparently, they're trying the "out on a limb" thing once again. So be it. I'm not interested, but, to each her own.

Then, while flipping through November's Allure magazine, I came across an "of the moment" look feature on BLACK lipstick! Touting the color as no longer just for goths and disaffected youth. The blurb goes on to state that the black lipsticks are pretty, because they aren't really as black as they look... one goes on a shimmery grey, another a blackberry color, and the third -- a grape hue.

So, if I'm getting the message, the greatest thing about super cool "black" lipsticks is that they are... not black?

Sorry beauty industry -- I'm just not sold on this trend!


  1. Seriously! I am taking the plunge on some berry lips this season, but not black. I am also seeing lots of blue, green and some other aweful colors on just looks...wrong. Hey just think of those people who will look back on their photos with black they end up with crazy captions on Pinterest. Just sayin... HEY BTW thanks for the shout out!


  2. In this case, black is not the new black.

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