For the love of comfort

With winter time quickly descending, I find myself happily returning to some of my favorite cold weather treasures. As adults, though we no longer carry comfort items such as a blanket or favorite stuffed animal like our children do, I feel that there are still some appropriate things we can gravitate to to bring us comfort and joy in the colder months of the year. There are a few items I always look forward to using every year, and I've been enjoying each of them this holiday weekend.

My snowman batter bowl:

My mom gave this to me, and it was purchased by her mom (we call her Noni) from a thrift store, as she thought I might like it. I'd never had a footed, spouted bowl before -- and clearly I had no idea what I was missing! I LOVE this thing and use it all. the. time. (Ok, so I don't JUST use it in the winter, despite its snowman theme, but, I thought now would be an appropriate time to share my love for it.)

A happy little mug:

I have two favorite mugs, however, sadly, one of them is starting to chip to the point of being near retirement. (Sads.) And the other, has a wide mouth, so coffee cools a little too quickly in the winter. So when shopping at World Market recently (love that place!) I came across this adorable wintery mug with a bird on the handle -- and I just couldn't resist. So, home it came and it's become my favorite winter mug.

Fuzzy socks:

If you see me in the winter, and I'm wearing boots or shoes that would require socks, the truth is, I'm probably wearing some sort of completely non-matching-to-my-outfit, fuzzy pair of socks that resemble Elmo's fur. I LOVE fuzzy socks! SO cozy, and they tend to outlast slippers around here (eh-hem, dogs...).

What are your winter comfort favorites?

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  1. I second your love of fuzzy socks....they are on my list every Christmas!!!!! It's like wearing your favorite hoodie....on your feet :)


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