Halloween Recap 2012

This year's Halloween was pretty fun, I must admit.

After working in an office mostly by myself for the previous 5 years, it was fun to celebrate a holiday in the midst of happy coworkers enjoying a potluck and some good old fashioned games.
No one went hungry at work this Halloween!
I mean, who wouldn't enjoy tp-ing their coworkers, right?? I mean, turning them into mummies of course.
Heather originally planned to be "an aviator" but it turns out she was dressed like a very special one!
This Halloween also allowed us to officially take part in our first true neighborhood trick or treating adventure. We'd done "Trunk or Treat" in the past, and had trick or treated at the grandparents' houses, but this year, we did it big kid style, and walked the blocks around our house. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and about half of the houses were participating, which is pretty good from what I hear for these days. We have some really sweet neighbors who loaded our lil' Mario up with sweets!

Hope you had a great Halloween too! I'm off to sneak a fun sized Twix. Shh!

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