Making new holiday traditions: Italian-Friends-Wines-Giving

This Thanksgiving was a little bit outside of the box for our family. Mainly, due to the fact that my side of the family has been going through a tough time - my grandfather (mom's side) had a second stroke (two in a little over two months) and has been in the hospital since the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving. Though family traveled to be here, it was to care for and spend time with my grandfather - not roast a turkey. So, understandably, there was no Thanksgiving feast with my family this year. (There were however three on Brandon's side! So, don't you worry - I ate myself sick like all the rest of y'all did. Wait, you didn't gain 6 pounds in 5 days? Just me huh? Crap.)

As I've mentioned previously, my mom's family is Italian, and for holiday meals we typically have some traditional American fare and a ton of Italian food. In order to fill the Italian food void, my friend Heather (who happens to be studying Italian) and her brother James (who happens to cook in an Italian restaurant) sort of invented a new holiday. We call it, "Italian-Friends-Wines-Giving". Fancy, huh? It's exactly what it sounds like. There is Italian food, friends and wine. All in all, it had the makings of awesomeness, and it did not disappoint.

We had amazing food...
The antipasto delicacies Heather procured for us

The spread, including a bacon wrapped turkey, lasagna soup, spicy rigatoni with creamy garlic sauce, and garlic bread.

And for dessert? Made from scratch tiramisu! (Thanks Jimmy!)

And, what Italian-Friends-Wines-Giving could be complete without friends, wine and the wishbone? (Sorry for blurriness)
After stuffing ourselves silly and a few rounds of Catch Phrase, we had no choice but to declare Italian-Friends-Wines-Giving a smashing new holiday tradition we must repeat.

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