What's for dinner this week? 11.12.2012

This week's meal plan involves a lot of asian-style comfort food recipes because a. it sounds good and flavorful, and b. because it's cold and these dishes are warm and spicy.

Sunday: Going out to early dinner @ Dai Bai Dang (yum! It's been way too long!) before we check out the 10th Swedefest film festival!

Monday: Spinach parmesan quinoa this recipe was posted by someone who'd never cooked with quinoa either, and her whole family loved the dish. Hoping for the same result!

Tuesday: "Pad Thai" (the cheater way) You make ramen, add in some peanut butter, soy sauce and garlic chili paste, a little green onion and in our case chicken this week, and bam. Pad Thai. (Sorta)

Wednesday: Tofu Stir Fry (I didn't end up making it last week because I had so many leftover enchiladas, we had them for dinner two nights)

Thursday: Thai Curry Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots - for this recipe, I'll be buying some curry simmer sauce from Trader Joe's and tossing in some sauteed chicken, red bell pepper, potatoes and carrots, then serving it over rice. Yum.

Friday: Family meal with Tiffany and fam! (food TBD)
This is Tiffany. You should check out her blog. For real.
Saturday: Date night

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