What's for dinner this week? Nov 4-10, 2012

Sunday: We're going to my parents for dinner tonight, so I have the night off.

Monday: Chicken enchiladas - I'll be using this recipe, with a couple of tweaks: 1. I'll cook the chicken in the crockpot on low while I'm at work, so when I come home, it's easy to throw the enchiladas together and 2. Hubby doesn't like red sauce (sad, I know!) so I'll be substituting green.

Tuesday: Spicy Rigatoni, using this recipe, though I will omit chicken for this night and serve with salad.

Wednesday: Tofu Stir-Fry over rice (my own recipe, you can find here.) I'll add chili-garlic paste to the stir-fry for a kick after I take out kiddo's portion. ;-)

Thursday: Pioneer Woman's Corn Cheese Chowder in bread bowls (I'll reduce the fat a bit when I make this).

Friday: Take-out

Saturday: I'm having a medical procedure done in the morning on this day, so depending on how zonked I feel, we make likely end up with another take-out night this week. I'll be having injections in my spine (neck) to try to reduce swelling in my discs caused by my car accident. I have to be sedated for the injections. Prayers for a smooth procedure much appreciated!

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