It's not just about you.

People aren't perfect. I get that. We were all raised by different people, under different circumstances, with different values. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz, right? Cool. But, can we treat each other with a little consideration too please?

I feel like it is far more frequent that a man (or woman) lets a door slam in my face as I walk into a building. My friends were stuck in line at the post office, hearing way too much as a woman loudly berated her mother for "telling people her business!" (irony much?) and then hung up on her mother only to continue her rant to my friends, two perfect strangers.

Each morning, I fight the traffic to get out of my neighborhood, as we live right behind my son's school. Kindergarten starts 15 minutes earlier than the rest of school, so when I'm heading out for work, drop off traffic is at its peak. When I finally am able to get out of my neighborhood, I can't tell you how many times in the past week alone I've been stuck behind someone in no hurry, who lets 2, 3 even 4 cars out of the school parking lot before proceeding -- blocking me from making the light cycle.

I love that people are letting others into traffic -- that part is great. One car? Awesome. If we all let one car go during congested times, things would flow smoothly. Making everyone behind you wait for you to let 2-4 cars? That's not so nice. The drivers behind you have somewhere to be too.

And this morning, when I stopped to grab a cup of coffee and opted to stay out of the rain and drive through, I found myself behind a large SUV at the window. They had "What Would Jesus Do?" stickers and a Christian school license frame. They sat at the window for some time before being handed 4 drinks. Then, they continued to remain, and another several minutes passed, before 4 more drinks emerged from the window. The drinks were of varying sizes and temperatures, so clearly, a complex order. I continued to wait, while 4 more drinks were handed out. I believe the count finally stopped at 15 drinks. By that point, I was rather distracted by the man behind me, laying on his horn. Because, you know, that'll make the poor barista move faster.

For heavens sakes, if you have a huge, complex order, be kind, get out of your car and go inside. Am I crazy here? I don't care that I had to wait. I was getting a "handcrafted beverage", not life support. It's a luxury to begin with. I don't expect a barista to kill themselves to get me out of the drive thru in 30 seconds. What I do care about though, is the fact that the giant order people had to know their order would slow the whole drive thru down -- causing stress inside, and annoying all other subsequent drive thru patrons. And in this case, I'm quite certain the barista got a heck of an earfull from Mr. Honky Horn. (She wouldn't even let me pay for my drinks, the wait was so long and she was trying to keep everyone happy.)

I don't expect perfection. I don't expect you to wait beyond a natural time period to hold the door for me. But, when I'm waiting in front of a store to cross the street, at a cross walk, in the pouring rain -- if you could pause in your car for a moment (since, technically you're supposed to anyway) so I could get out of the rain -- that'd be nice.

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The golden rule people -- it's not dead (though it seems to be ailing), let's give it some resuscitation please. I promise I will if you will!

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  1. And how about the common courtesy to say, "thank you" when someone waits to hold the door open for you so it doesn't slam in your face? Some of the things you mentioned are things that are annoying the crap out of me lately too.


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