What's for dinner this week? 12.2.2012

It's rainy. It's cold(ish) -- it's California -- so that's relative. And all I want is warm, comforting foods and flavors. I'm trying not to break the calorie bank, so I'll be adjusting full fat ingredients with lower fat alternatives and reducing oil/butter whenever possible. Here's this week's menu (relying heavily on Real Simple for recipes):

Sunday: Chicken cutlets with potatoes and herb sauce

Monday: Lemon herb seafood stir-fry (going out on a limb here, cooking scallops for the first time!)

Tuesday: Smokey corn chowder

Wednesday: Ravioli with peas and shallots
Image via Real Simple
Thursday: Potstickers with stir-fried vegetables (frozen potstickers, a bag of stir-fry veggies, steamed and lightly stir fried with soy sauce for flavor)

Friday: Take out

Saturday: Date night (maybe? someday?)

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