What's for dinner this week? 12.9.2012

Sunday: I never cook with sausage, and hubby would like me to venture out and try, so I'm going to make this recipe: Spicy Sausage Pasta (bonus: it's Weight Watcher friendly) (Could be made vegetarian with sausage substitute or omission)

This is the original poster's photo - go visit their site! Yum.
Monday: Brace yourselves, but according to the Pinterest caption, on Monday night I am going to make "the best soup in the WORLD!" Sounds good to me. Here's the recipe for Tomato Tortellini Soup. (Vegetarian-friendly)

Tuesday: We may be walking Christmas Tree Lane this night (we haven't decided) but just in case, I wanted a fast and easy meal, so I'm trying French Dip Crescent Rolls.

Wednesday: I'll be whipping up some Spicy Thai Noodles (with the vegetable oil omitted and only 1 t. of red chili flakes, so kiddo will still eat it) and adding some stir fried tofu. (Vegetarian-friendly)

Thursday: Pizza Pasta night - (this is one of those "I need a cheap and easy meal to finish off my week's plan" kind of things!) Rotini pasta, with spaghetti sauce, tossed with slices of turkey pepperoni, topped with cheese and baked until bubbly. Serve with green salad -- voila -- food your family will eat with very little effort or expense.

Friday: Take out night

Saturday: Date night?*

*We don't always go on a date on Saturdays, though we try to whenever it's a possibility - but it seems that if I plan for all 7 nights in a week, inevitably at least one meal will go to waste as we will make plans with friends, family or end up eating on the run once during the week and another meal shifts days. By leaving Saturday unplanned, I waste less food.

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  1. I love sausage. Fresh and easy has some good ones, as does the meat market. I love to make zatarains red beans and rice, or jambalaya and add various sausages. I also just the other day made a sausage and tortelinni soup that was awesome. And I make this chicken and linguica bake with peppers and onions that is fab with pilaf!


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