Happy New Year!

So much to catch up on writing about, it's hard to know where to begin! So, I shall begin by wishing you a healthful and happy 2013! 2012 was a tough year for many, and I would love to end 2013 hearing those around me saying, "What a wonderful year it was, I hate to see it go!" so cheers to you and yours, and being able to say that phrase truthfully just shy of one year from now!

In the upcoming week, I plan to share my favorite beauty finds of 2012 (the must-have, new staple items I will definitely repurchase when they run out), my living room makeover with before and after photos and a holiday season recap.

For today, however, I must share with you these photos of my sweet little man, who lost his first tooth on Sunday :-)

(You will hopefully notice an overall improvement in photo quality here as well in 2013, as I have finally invested in a DLSR, and am determined to learn how to use it! Thank you Andrea for the Canon recommendation, even in auto mode my photos are still 10 times better than they were before!)

 Happy First Tooth Loss Keegan!
age 5 years, 7 months

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  1. I want my entry way to look like yours! Bet someone feels like a big guy now...ruthless and toothless. hope the tooth fairy was generous.


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