Master Bedroom Makeover

Hi. Is this thing on? Sorry, there seems to be a few cobwebs on this ol' blog. My bad. I have lots to write about and some pictures back logged, so I will hopefully catch up soon! :-)

For tonight though, I am very excited to show you my bedroom makeover!

Truth be told, our bedroom has never been a priority area to me. I mean, it's important to have a comfy place to sleep of course, but I spend the majority of my efforts and spending cash decorating the rooms in the house more likely to be frequented by guests.

When we bought our first house and our family asked what we wanted as a housewarming gift, we asked for money to purchase a matching bedroom set that we'd found on Craigslist. It was nice enough, and hey, it matched! But beyond that, my efforts in regards to bedroom decor were very minimal.

Recently though, I decided it was time to change that. I found a great bedroom set (after a bit of online hunting) on Overstock (and yes, they only charge $2 shipping even on furniture!) with great reviews. The pieces came assembled too, which was awesome! (A first for us.) So, after three weeks of waiting patiently semi-impatiently our furniture arrived and the new bedroom look began to take shape.

A trip to Home Goods, Marshalls and Kirkland's (big sale there - woot!) finished the job, and for the first time ever, our bedroom is no longer the black sheep of rooms in our house.

Also, added bonus? The old furniture makes for highly functional guest room furniture, so we no longer have an empty third bedroom either! A quick glance through Craigslist scored the room a brand new (still in original packaging!) queen-sized pillow-top mattress for under $200!

Here's our room before:

And here's our room now:

Items used:
Argonne Queen-Size Bedroom Set from Overstock
Framed pictures above the bed: Homegoods
Curtains: Tahari Home (Homegoods also, $29.99 per pair of panels, 4 shown)
Lamps: Homegoods, $35
Scroll iron wall hanging: Kirkland's, on sale $14.99
Bedding: Marshall's, Cynthia Rowley, $65

Now the big question... to paint the walls? Or not paint the walls...

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  1. gray! gray walls! sorry, I'm a sucker for blue and gray :)


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