New year, new living space!

We've been living with a couch that I've been less than fond of for years. When we bought it, we picked it up wrapped, brand-new and signed for it. However, turned out we were signing that it was in perfect condition and we had no recourse otherwise. It so happens, the couch had a broken frame board. Add to that fabric that pilled up and required regular shaving (with my kiddo's hair trimmer!) and a couple of holes chewed in it, courtesy to our foster pup and you've got one annoying piece of furniture. However, it was not cheap and we have not been in a position to replace it, so it stayed.

Finally, it came time that we could purchase a new couch (nearly 7 years later) and I was very excited. A friend clued me into a great local furniture store that ordered name-brand (Ashley in this case) furniture at wholesale cost and her friend inspired me with an Instagram photo of an accent wall she painted in her own home. Next thing I knew, my new living room began taking shape!

Here's the paint photo that inspired me to try out Behr's Peacock Feather as an accent:

And here's our living room before:

And after!


I love the look and feel of the space now, and just want to curl up on the couch and stay there!
What colors are inspiring you these days? Any plans to change any rooms in your own home?


  1. I absolutely love it....I can't believe how much the look and feel of the room has changed!!!

  2. So cute saw your nye pics and all I could think OS your house is so cute!
    We are also looking for new coaches for the first time no more hand me downs can you share info please and thank you!

  3. Dawn - it really does feel entirely different! Thanks :-)

    Michaele - Two great sources for furniture, 1. Sofa Liquidators (that's where we got the couch) can order pretty much all Ashley furniture and also has some in stock. Their prices are much lower than other places and they deliver faster! I ordered the couch Friday at 4:30pm, they brought it at 3pm Saturday! Also, check out, they're an online only store, but they deliver to your house, and you don't pay until the deliver it and you've had a chance to be sure you like it. GREAT prices and selection!

  4. Love the transformation! Sad to see that beautiful rug gone. :( did it find another spot in the house?

  5. Yes, the pretty rug just moved to the front room instead ;-) I like it too.


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