My Kiddo, Lover of Science

My son Keegan LOVES anything science related. If you ask him what he likes most about school he'll tell you, "Science lab and recess." (In that order.) His favorite shows on t.v. are science (especially life science and animal/zoology/biology related ones) and his favorite books aren't stories, they're books on the anatomy, habits and habitats of reptiles and dinosaurs. And that has been the case for at least two years now.

As his mom, I of course want to do my best to foster his interests in science since they a. make him happy and want to explore the world around him and b. could lead to his future career path. So, a couple weekends ago, when the Discovery Center in town had it's reopening, we spent an afternoon there together.

The day we visited the Discovery Center was one week shy of its official grand reopening, so we had the advantage of being there when it was relatively quiet. There was an opportunity to take a "Saturday Science" class about animals, so we took it. Keegan was the only kiddo in the class at that time and had the nice, knowledgeable college-kid instructor all to himself. The instructor showed Keegan mammal skulls and helped him determine what animal each was from. They discussed habitat and prey, and why the animal needed certain features. The same was done with several reptile skeletons (which thrilled my snake-loving child) and then, it was into the reptile room to check out several creatures in the flesh.


Keegan got to pet a bearded dragon lizard, and we found out they make rather good pets. (I thought they looked a lot like Rango, personally.)

The Saturday Science class ended with insects, and we got to check out giant hissing cockroaches (who were actually so calm they didn't want to hiss, even when the instructor tried to get them to) and I learned they are less disturbing of a creature than I once thought. The giant, hissing cockroaches don't infest gross places, they eat fresher foods - they have no wings (woot! No bug that big needs to come flying at me!) and they move slowly. (Whoulda thunk?) Our final "friend" was a rosey tarantula, who I was pleased to take a picture of from the other side of glass ;-)

We spent the rest of the afternoon touring the hands-on science museum on the campus, and Keegan really enjoyed experiencing the numerous activities.

If you live locally, or visit the Fresno area and like science (or have children who do) I would highly recommend a visit to the Discovery Center. We had such a nice time there, and there is a LOT to see. You can purchase a family membership for a year for just $40 or an individual membership for $25. We will definitely be going back, as there were tons of outdoor exhibits we've yet to check out, and a whole area of the museum the focuses on electricity that we ran out of time to see.

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  1. Nat,

    Looks fun! We actually had a bearded dragon our first couple of years we were married....our "Rocky" was great, but has now passed on to reptile heaven. :)

    Miss you!



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