On what's been keeping me so busy.

Back in December, a friend of mine, who happened to be my instructor at my old gym (who I knew wouldn't go in for gimmicks or a quick fix when it comes to getting healthy and getting in shape) started posting on Facebook about body wraps.

I'd heard of body wraps before - you go to a spa, they wrap you up, you sweat, get dehydrated, pay lots of money and get skinny for a few days. Meh - not my thing. I want to get thin for a lot of days ;-)

My friend started posting before and after photos from clients who'd wrapped. I watched them in my newsfeed, and watched people's bodies change - but I thought, "this looks too good to be true, can't be legit." As I continued to watch though, I continued to remember my friend was someone I trusted, and I just couldn't picture her not being honest about a product or selling something that was a rip off. So, I took the plunge and said I wanted to try a wrap.

My first wrap was on December 5th, 2012. The wrap itself is more like a giant patch that you hold in place with saran wrap. You wear it for 45 minutes, and for the next 72 hours, it continues to work (even though you've since discarded the wrap). It's important to stay really hydrated while the wrap's ingredients do their magic - so you drink a lot of water for those three days (the wraps aren't water weight loss).

After my first wrap, my skin got smoother and seemed a little bit tighter. Enough so that I knew I wanted to try another wrap (they work progressively - each giving a little further result until you get where you want to be and they can be placed anywhere on the body). But, I didn't have a ton of money - especially right before the holidays. I looked into the perks of becoming a Distributor for the wrap company (It Works!, which also sells a number of other health related products, all natural based) and decided that was the way to go to get wraps for myself as economically as possible, and hey, if someone wanted to buy a wrap or two off of me, great.

So, I started my own Facebook page to share the wraps with a few friends, which grew into a few more friends, and then a few friends of those friends. My plan to "get cheap wraps!" and "maybe sell a wrap or two?" turned into people messaging me daily wanting to try wraps. It was crazy awesome! The wraps were literally selling themselves.

I've never sold anything before. Pushy salespeople literally give me panic attacks. I'll sneak out of stores quickly if people try to talk to me too much about buying something. I'm a salesperson-a-phobic, but I think that's why this is working! I just share my results and the results of others, and the products sell on their own. They deliver the results they say they will. People feel good about their bodies and I earn a great supplemental income. Seriously - it's really been that easy! All of the other people I've met who are involved with the business are so nice too. Normal, decent people.

This is so different from what I feared encountering from any other MLM I'd ever heard of or been exposed to. And better yet, my waist is shrinking (and now my thighs too!) and my wallet is growing. Two things that never seem to happen! :-) In fact, I am actually going to be able to go part time at work beginning this summer! Something I thought I would never be able to do! With this wrap business, I could technically do that even now - but I want to save as much cushion as possible as a "just in case" cushion. I can not WAIT to be able to pick my son up from school several days a week and spend afternoons with him! Plus, for the first time ever, I am able to actually SAVE money. Not like use coupons and shop sales (I still do that! :-)) but actually put money into a savings account because there's some left over still by the next payday! (WHAT?!)

If you'd like to learn more about the wraps or the business, (including seeing client before and afters - REAL people!) feel free to check out my Facebook page:

And, because I want you to know that as always, I promise to be authentic here with you, even if it's a little embarrassing for me - I'm posting my own before and after pics of my tummy pre-wrap and post wraps! I'm working on my legs and back currently, and will share those on the FB page soon. :-) If you'd like to try a wrap, please email me at thethinkingblonde(at)gmail(dot)com. Wraps can be ordered online very reasonably - only $59 for a box of 4, just message me and I'll help you :-)

Gulp... here goes!
Here are a couple more of my favorite client before and after pics too :-) (anonymous of course!)

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