State of the Summer

Sometimes it feels like it takes me the entire rest of winter and spring to regain a sense of normalcy after the holiday season. From the holidays to the end of spring, it feels like a slippery slope of failures for a person like me, who suffers from being type AAAAA to tell the type AAAAA to calm the heck down and be a normal type Aer and enjoy life a bit more. The holidays are filled with, "prepare the desserts!" "wrap the gifts!" "buy the gifts!" "buy more gifts for the people you didn't think were going to buy us gifts!" "cook the food!" "clean the house for the party!" Then comes the "attempt to organize the (only grandchild in the family) kiddo's pile o'stuff so you can once again find the carpet" phase, followed closely by the New Year's Resolution "get skinny and organize your house" phase. Once you realized you've gotten a bit skinnier, but your house is still a disorganized mess, you say "I'm going to do a major Spring Cleaning! I'll get it all then!" But, due to the "must make the 15,935 little holidays between February and May seem thrilling and Pinterest-worthy" phase, it doesn't happen. Add to it starting my own business (BEST BEST BEST thing I've done for in a long time - wouldn't change it for the world) and you've got a scattered working mama who can't seem to squeeze in blogging.

But, the light at the end of the tunnel has shown through! After six months at my new business, I now am part-time at my day job, which means more time with my munchkin, more time for projects, and more time for blogging. The new business has also afforded me the opportunity to invest in something SO worth every penny (which I used to mock, thinking "why can't people clean their own stuff?!") - bi-weekly deep cleaning for the house. Instead of a constant running to-do list of all the things I have to clean when the weekend finally arrives, I can actually enjoy my family and spend time doing the organizing projects. I get it now. Is it a luxury? Absolutely, but I consider the luxury more related to the time I get back, and the end of arguing over who's cleaning highly worthwhile expense. To those of you who made that decision years ago (which, after crowd sourcing for recommendations on Facebook, I found out there are a LOT of you!) WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME SOONER? (kidding! I don't actually blame you... much ;-))

So onward we go, because if I don't blog now, who knows when I will (because after all, we're already passed the halfway point to Christmas! Dear heavens, hold me.) so I hope you're still around and will continue to be my bloggy-friend and bond with me over random recipes, makeup, family stuff and whatever else floats inside my brain. (Good luck with that.)

To do: Write a blog post - check!

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