Summer Cosmetic Favorites

I can't call this a Five Faves post, because quite frankly, I can't narrow this group down to five because there are six. So, I'm sorry, but not sorry. ;-)

Here are some products I am really loving right now, from various sources and at various price points. I'd love to hear what you're loving now too, please feel free to share!

This is MAC eyeshadow in Yogurt. When I went to visit the MAC counter recently, the woman who helped me had very pretty eyeshadow (at MAC, shocker, I know) and I asked what she was wearing as her base shade and this was it. It's a pale, matte pink that just brightens the eye. She had it paired with a shimmery grey. I've played with it with warm browns and purples and it seems to be good friends with all of 'em. I've put this in my "frequent use" selection of shadows. ($15)

*Note: I realize MAC shadows aren't necessarily in the "affordable" range, however, for what it's worth I've been collecting them since I was 18, and I've only run out of a shadow ONCE. They last FOREVER. Yes, partly because I don't use the same thing every day, but also partially because they are SUPER pigmented and require very little product to make an impact. If MAC is just out of the question price-wise check out Makeup Geek's shadow pans and magnetic palettes - also highly pigmented, but only $5.99 per shadow.

I discovered Hawaiian Tropic's new Island Radiance Creme self-tanner at Ulta. This product comes in two shades, medium and dark. I purchased medium, which claims a tan two shades darker than your natural skin color. What I love about this, is how silky and moisturizing the lotion is. It's like a whipped, super creamy lotion. The smell is totally non-offensive as far as self-tanners go, and while I feel like my skin is hydrated, I don't feel greasy after using it. The color given is not orangey, but more of a true brown and it goes on evenly without streaking. Ulta currently has all Hawaiian Tropic products on sale, buy one, get one half-off, so maybe snag this and a sunscreen or after-sun lotion!  ($10.99)

Wet n'Wild - nope, it's not how you remember it from junior high! It's actually pretty awesome. At least, a number of products I've purchased in the past year or so have been. Coloricon in "Reserve Your Cabana" is classified as a bronzer by W&W, but really, it's more like a highlighter. This stuff is great for blending and highlighting if you're trying to pull off the whole HAC (highlighting and contouring) thing. If your bronzer turns into more of a streak than a desirable shadow, this stuff quickly blends out any harsh lines or edges. It's ever so slightly shimmery, but not obnoxiously so and I think it would be useful for pretty much any skin-tone as a highlight. ($3.99)

My eyebrows suuuuuuuuuuck. Like, really. They're horrible. If I could change one thing about my appearance once and for all, it would be to have actual, nice eyebrows. I over-plucked ONCE in 8th grade and they NEVER came back. Yes, I have tried to let them grow. No, nothing happens. It is very hard to make your brows look pretty and filled in and to any degree natural looking when you have only have of an actual brow on each side, and you have blonde hair. My brows have always been darker than my hair, even before I ever dyed my hair (I am naturally blonde, and light blonde at that, but my shade is ashier than I prefer, so I dye it to brighten the tone). Anastasia's Brow Pen in Universal Light is the only thing I've found that allows me to actually draw on an eyebrow, with clean edges (I still fill in with a brow powder after). Pencils smudge too much, or aren't precise enough to actually draw a brow where one does not exist, and other pens I've tried just drip down my forehead if I sweat. This one is the most summer-proof for those of us who are sadly barren in the brow. Yes, the darn thing is expensive, but on the bright side, it lasts me six months. ($21)

Milani's Baked  Powder Blush in Luminoso is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. It looks a little bright in the container, but don't be turned away. It is a gorgeous peachy shade that looks fantastic on and is every bit as pretty as it's pricier competitor, MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish. ($6.37)

I saved the best for last. Most recently, I told you Estee Lauder's Double Wear liquid foundation was the end all be all of foundations. It lasts all day and you can even swim with it on, and it still stays put. I love the product, but hate the price tag ($36!). Guess what? I found something every bit as good, for less than 1/3 the cost! Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation comes in a jar, goes on flawlessly, and lasts (through heat AND humidity) for 24 hours. This stuff is amazeballs. Seriously. The hardest thing, is figuring out what color you need. What surprised me, is that I didn't need one of the first 1-2 shades (the fairest) but in fast, shade 320 (warm golden) was a great match for me and had enough of a yellow tone to work perfectly. If you know your MAC shade, if that gives you a frame of reference, I'm an NC-25, and in Double Wear I wore Dawn. I recommend buying it somewhere like CVS, where you can return it if it isn't a good match for you so you can find the right shade. It's worth it! ($11.49)

So, those are my six favorites for the time being - your turn! :-)

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