I've got the back to school blues.

My little man, who I swore was just wearing diapers about 2 weeks ago, is starting the first grade on Monday. (He was potty trained at 2, don't worry - he didn't wear diapers this summer for real!)

There was a bit of drama when it came to finding out which class he'd be in and which teacher he'd have, as he received welcome letters last week from TWO first grade teachers at his school. We had to wait 5 tenuous days to for the class lists to be posted in the school windows to find out whether he would be with his close friends, or separated in a different class. Both teachers are fantastic from what I hear, so I wasn't so much worried about which teacher he'd have, but I was concerned about how difficult it might be getting him off to school each morning without his best buds in class with him.

Thankfully, all worked out perfectly (prayers work!) and he is with a wonderful teacher and his friends. I'm a happy mama and he's a happy kid.

I've been doing as much pre-prep as I can...

I bought Keegan a little parsons desk at Target last week, (only $39!) an upon assembling it, decided to rearrange our front room. Now his desk and mine face one another and we have a nice little home office area - I rather like it!

Keegan's desk
Our new front room arrangement
All set for anything his homework assignments require (I think?)...

I found him a lunchbox that he liked, and some good bento-style containers that fit inside. He likes finger foods anyway, so I think he'll get better nutrition if I pack his lunch in that style.

He didn't want a new backpack this year. While we were school shopping at Target he simply said, "My backpack from last year is still good mom!"He's perfectly right. (Duh mom!) Waste not, want not.

And though he did decline a first day of school "outfit" he chose a new shirt for the first day (on sale for only $7 too, nice work son!) Oh, and I gave up on the whole "no character shirts!" battle - I'm choosing my battles, and that one? So not worth it ;-) I'm sure there will be much more important things to argue about as he grows.

I hear about Minecraft all. the. stinkin. time.
On Friday, hubby got to take Keegan to meet his teacher and tour his classroom. Since then, Keegan's been going on and on about how great his teacher is and how happy she is to have him in class and (I quote here) "She really appreciates me!" Whatever she did on Friday? It really was great in his eyes! Fine by me!

Keegan and his new teacher
So, here I am, writing this post and trying to enjoy the last weekend before school starts, but I've got to admit - as much as Keegan seems ready, I am so not! I'm not ready for the stress of trying hard to get him out the door on time and looking nice (let me be real here, when my sweet family and friends were caring for him while I worked this summer, let's just say I don't think I fixed his hair properly more then 5 times... whoops!) trying to get him to eat a decent breakfast in under 94 minutes, and navigating the school traffic (though we walk Keegan to school due to our very close proximity, getting through the traffic to leave for work after is a considerably time consuming part of my morning commute). Also, and this is so selfish folks, I'll admit it - but if I want to grab a coffee at the Dutch Bros drive through on the way to work? It's NOT going to happen. When school's in session, I'm pretty sure every parent who doesn't have to go straight to work after heads straight to the drive through line there, and well, with 20 cars waiting, there is no way I'm getting a coffee in time to also get to work.

I am also not ready for packing lunches and snacks and homework stress.

But, I know that's just my resistance to changing back to having a bit more regimented mornings and evenings. I know in the end, I'm lucky as heck to have this great little human that I get to help get an education. I'm also so glad he's eager to learn and excited about returning to school. I am also excited as this is my first school year as a part-time working mama! I will be working 5 days a week again now (as opposed to staying home Mondays during the summer) BUT I'll be off early enough to pick up my rugrat from school 3 days a week! I am THRILLED about this change - couldn't be more grateful!

So, I'm going to suck it up and get back on the routine train. Once I get in the groove, I'm sure it will be fine - but right now, I'm having a hard time relaxing this weekend and mentally planning bento box lunch ingredients...

Enjoy that extra video game time kiddo, that's about to change!

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