Stitch Fix Reveal: October 2014

Oh how I love "Fix Day." Clicking that link that shows USPS has dropped my box off at home makes me so excited for the end of the day to arrive so I can see what's in that box! This month's fix overall was really fantastic. I had requested navy and purple tones, and I've previously stated mint is my favorite color and I feel like my stylist did a really great job selecting pieces based upon my preferences this time.

This is my first time attempting a detailed Fix reveal and I'm no super model, so bear with me. :-)

My October 2014 Fix

Item #1: Uma Mixed Bead Long Necklace ($42)

This necklace is so neat! It's made by 3 Bits Jewelry, "a socially conscious jewelry company that gives displaced women in Northern Uganda an opportunity to combat poverty through fashion" and the beads are made entirely of recycled paper, making it lightweight and comfortable to wear, even though the size is more statement/chunky. I feel like the necklace hits at just the right length too - not too short (can tend to make short, curvy girls like myself look shorty and curvier) and not too long (swinging in the way).

Verdict: I love the look of this necklace and I can wear it with so many things I own. The versatility and fact that my purchase will help impoverished women justified the slightly steep price tag and made this necklace a keeper for me.

Item #2: Laguna Abstract Floral Flutter Sleeve Blouse by Creative Commune ($54)

I love the colors in this top! LOVE LOVE LOVE! The blues and purples are exactly what I asked for in this fix. The fabric is nice and work appropriate and the look is definitely feminine (another preference I have strongly stated in my style profile). Unfortunately however, the hem of the blouse sits right on my hips, which are fairly wide, making the blouse tight at the bottom and bunchy when I move. I'm also not sure I love the flutter sleeves - they're a bit big and make me feel borderline clownish. Layered under a cute cardigan, had the waist fit well, I definitely would have overlooked the flutter sleeves and kept this top for its gorgeous print and colors.

Verdict: In many ways, SO close, but not quite a fit for me. I really debated this one, but ultimately decided if I tried it on in a store, I would have determined the fit needed to be more on point to justify the high price. Not a keeper.

Item #3: Jace Textured Mixed Chevron Print Fit & Flare Dress by 41Hawthorn ($68)

This blue and black knit dress fits snugly on top and flares out at the skirt with 4 front pleats. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable and thick enough to be appropriate for fall and winter. I can see it being cute for work with a jacket or cardigan or great for a dinner date on it's own with a great pair of earrings and heels. Though the dress technically fit me to a t, I ran into one nagging problem with it - it's a boob-smusher. Do you know what I'm talking about? The bodice is just snug enough at the higher part of the chest to push the "girls" down to the roomier, lower bodice - making them look saggier/lower than they actually are. At 33, I'm just not ready for that look yet.

Verdict: Sadly, despite the dress's overall promise, the boob-smush was a deal breaker. Not a keeper.

Item #4: Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Top by 41Hawthorn ($58)

This flowy, lightweight top is just a total win. Easy to throw on for a weekend outing like lunch or shopping with friends and airy enough to wear even when its still INSANELY HOT IN OCTOBER (it was 100 degrees here in Fresno, CA yesterday, October 3rd).

At first, I was worried this top would make me look heavier (not something I need!) because it is so flowy, but the strategic back pleat helps keep the top for looking too wide when worn by itself, and an open, navy cardigan (like the 41Hawthorn one Stitch Fix sent me in February that I love) makes it a great laying piece for colder weather.

Verdict: The versatility, classy lace pattern and back pleat sold me. Kept it.

Item #5: Duffy Open Crochet Dolman Sleeve Knit Top by Kut from the Kloth ($28)

This was my least favorite item in my October Fix box. I just couldn't quite figure it out. The weave is SO open, the top would offer no warmth at all, so it wouldn't work for fall or winter weather - but I mean, it's a sweater... so you wouldn't wear it when it's really warm either, because that would be strange. I was sent a size large, which I was swimming in (not typical) and the v-neck was falling off of my shoulders (intentional? 80s style?).

Verdict: The redeeming factor was the color - purple is what I asked for. Nothing else about it worked for me though. Not a keeper.

Well, that was my October 2014 Fix reveal! What do you think? Did I make the right calls about what to keep? I really struggled with sending back that flutter sleeve top - I just loved the colors!

If you'd like to have your own Fix, hand selected by a personal stylist and based on your preferences, body type and budget simply click the link below to get started! Each fix is just $20, and that money goes towards any items you choose to purchase when you receive your fix. Anything you decide not to keep goes into a prepaid envelope which is included with every fix and you just pop it back in the mail. Easy peasy!

*Disclosure: After being a major fan of Stitch Fix and using the service for a full year, the company was kind enough to make me an affiliate advertiser. By clicking my link to subscribe to their service I receive a referral commission. If you found Stitch Fix through me, I would be so incredibly grateful if you signed up through my link. Thank you and have a wonderful and fashionable day! :-)

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