Stitch Fix Reveal: December 2014

Whew, the holidays - what a fun couple of weeks! But, they put me behind in blogging my latest Fix. Aaaaand the present wrapping hubbub left my spare bedroom a disaster area, leading to not so clean photos this time, so I beg your forgiveness. It shall not happen again. (Eh, it might... )

My December Fix came in several days early, as it wasn't due until 12/29, but came before Christmas - so that was a very nice surprise! (I assume the stylists wanted to take the holidays off of work too, and worked hard to get the scheduled Fixes out early.) But, enough yammering on my part - you want to see what was in the box, duh Nat - move on!

This month, I received:
1 top
1 scarf
1 open smooth knit cardigan
1 bag
1 pair of skinny, ankle length jeans

The top: Cassandra Cut Out Detail Sleeveless Blouse

I love the raspberry color and simple, straight cut of this top. The cut out details are very pretty and feminine, and I'm sure I'll love that aspect when it's hot this summer. For now, the top makes a great layering piece for winter. The cut and fit worked perfectly, it was a keeper.

The scarf: Tina Checkered Infinity Scarf

I love this scarf. Very soft, very warm and super cute and versatile. I have worn it probably 7 if not 10 times already (when I get something new that I love I tend to wear it a LOT initially, judge me if you must). I even wore it on Christmas Eve when we walked the neighborhood after dinner to admire the luminaries lit up and down the street. Another keeper (obvs).

The cardi: Sherwood Faux Leather Detailed Cardigan
Cute cardi? (Nevermind the blanket I had hiding kiddo's Christmas gifts)

Manly shoulders cardi?
 This was a tougher call for me. On the one hand, the fabric was so, so soft and silky. It felt amazing on my skin and had a nice weight and warmth to it without being the slightest bit heavy. On the other hand, I felt kind of boxy and manly, as the leather shoulder detailing seemed to come across like shoulder pads (a look that really never works for me). It might have worked better had it been a size smaller, because then the shoulder detail might have been a little more snug to the shoulder and sat higher. I finally asked my husband, who said, "It's not you, and it's too big." So, it went back.

The bag: Kristine Woven Tassel Satchel

I had asked for a winter and/or black purse and received this silver satchel in my Fix. I immediately thought, "Silver. That's nice and totally neutral and perfect for winter. Duh. Why didn't I think of that?" I love the bag. It has a "cell phone pocket" on the outside for easy access, inner pockets for my business cards and makeup and a big inner compartment for whatever junk I throw in there and forget to take out for weeks. Gym lock, apple or stun gun anyone? Totally kept.

The jeans: Level 99 Ankle Skinny Jean (not pictured)
On the card that came with my fix, my stylist described these pants as a trouser fit, which the waist definitely was. The snug legs and ankles however were too clingy and the ankle length hem stopped a full 3 inches above my ankle (funny, seeing as I've got short legs). I've actually put in my notes to the stylists that we should give pants/bottoms a rest for a bit, as I just don't have much luck there - and this time my stylist noted she just really wanted to find me a good jean. I have this hunch there is a bet riding at Stitch Fix headquarters as to which stylist can send a pair of pants I actually keep. Ha, probably not. That's pretty egocentric. But, funny thought. I think I'll just change my profile to state I do not want pants at all. It's not that I really need them anyway. I have jeans I like, I just bought them at a store instead of in a Fix. The pants went back.

I hope you enjoyed this month's Fix reveal. If you're receiving fixes as well, and posting them online somewhere, leave me a link in the comments - I'd love to see what you got and what you think! If you're ready to try your own fix, I'd be so very grateful if you'd use my referral link, so thank you so much in advance! Simply click the link in the box below to get started. Until next time... ! :-)

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