Three healthy snack ideas kids will love

My son is a fruit-a-holic. He's always down to inhale as much fruit as I'll let him. Sometimes he's not so great about eating from other food groups. Also, with school just about to start back up after winter break, I wanted to be prepared with really easy, fast snack ideas for when the after-school STARVATION hits. Yes, starvation had to be in all caps to fully emphasize the drama that goes on in my house immediately after school surrounding an intense and urgent need for snacks.

So, I perused my trusty online 2nd home (Pinterest, of course) and found 3 recipes that incorporated fruit, but also whole grains and some protein that I thought my son would love and we put them to the test. All three turned out to be winners for both of us. (My criteria was ease of preparation and relative healthfulness, his strictly taste) I thought other moms might enjoy these easy recipes as well, so I'm sharing them here on the blog as well as on KSEE's Central Valley Today on 1/8 at 3pm (will post link once it airs).

Items needed:
Whole wheat tortillas
Nutella (could sub out for peanut butter or peanut butter and honey)

What to do:
Spread Nutella on a whole wheat tortilla (1.5 tbsp should do it, watch portion control if you want to keep it healthy) using a small spatula. Peel a banana and place on one edge of the tortilla. Roll the banana up like a burrito. Use a knife to cut into half dollar slices and serve.

Original recipe created by Fun Mums (linked above), thank you Fun Mums for the great idea!

Graham Cracker Strawberry "Cheesecakes"

Items needed:
Graham crackers
Whipped cream cheese
1-2 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 tsp honey

What to do:
Mix the honey and vanilla in the cream cheese (to taste). Thinly slice the strawberries. Spread the cream cheese mixture (about a tbsp) on each graham cracker and top with strawberries.

Adapted from Parents magazine.

I'm linking you straight to her perfectly written and demonstrated recipe. Enjoy!

**Photos are my own, all recipes inspired by the superior creativity of those credited above**

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