Ten Fantastic Beauty Finds Under $10

I have the bad habit of getting super excited about makeup, then passing that excitement along to friends and unintentionally being the source of them overspending at Ulta. (Oops!)

So, I thought that today I'd share with you 10 absolutely fantastic beauty finds, all under $10 each! That way you'll feel glamorous and you and your checking account will still be on speaking terms.

In no particular order, here are ten products I adore, that I'm willing to bet all my mascara that you'll love too!

Body Lotion: Suave Moroccan Infusion (under $5 at Target)
I tried this when samples were being given at the entrance to Target one weekend, thinking it wouldn't be life changing, buuuuut my hands were dry so why not? Turns out it is life changing! This lotion absorbs super quickly, making it fast to apply and it spreads really well - 6 pumps takes care of my entire body after a morning shower. (2 for each leg, 1 for each arm, 1 for my neck and shoulders and 1 for stomach and back) And, the best part? My skin still feels silky and soft late at night when I'm getting ready for bed.

Eyeliner: NYX Super Skinny Marker ($9 at Target)
This felt tip marker style liquid liner is easy to apply, even if you struggle a bit with lining your eyes because it's point it very small and precise, making it easy to control. The liner itself is super black and dries matte (I have black eyeliner that dries shiny personally) and it stays put without smudging all day long.

Mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational ($6 at Target)
This stuff is such a win for me! (Yes, I talked about it in my recent post about fab new finds as well - but it's definitely sticking around as a major favorite!) Volume, length, definition and a curved brush all in one product? Finally, my holy grail mascara has been found! Just buy it. Seriously.

Lipstick: Lippie Stix from Colour Pop ($5 online, Colour Pop)
Colour Pop is a relative newcomer to the cosmetics scene, but they're making a major impression with their gorgeous "powder-gel" Super Shock eyeshadows and gorgeous lip sticks and liners. Their "Lippie Stix" come in a slender white tube and the product comes out in a slender stick as well, allowing for a nice, precise application. Their satin and glossy formulas feel amazing on the lips and look fantastic, too! Their wide color range makes it easy to find a favorite and the low price makes it possible to purchase a few.

Eyeshadow: Makeup Geek Single Pan Shadows ($5.99-$9 online, Makeup Geek)
Self-confessed Makeup Geek and YouTube beauty guru Marlena offers one of the most fantastic lines of eyeshadows out there. Each comes in its own magnetized pan, making it easy to place into your own palette. (Z-palettes are a great option for creating custom palettes for your favorite shades). Marlena's entire line offers shades every bit as stunning and varied as MAC Cosmetics for a lower price and contain quality ingredients with minimal fillers (more fillers = less pigmentation). My favorite shades are Peach Smoothie (the ideal blending, crease shade) and Grandstand (from the Foiled shadow collection) which is a gorgeous bronzy rose metallic which looks beautiful all over the lid.

Blushes: Milani Matte Baked Blushes ($7 at CVS)
So far the matte baked blushes are only available in two shades, but both are phenomenal! The brighter, bubble gum pink shade looks beautifully sheer on and the deeper shade would be amazing on medium to deep skin tones.

Hair Product: TRESemme Tres 2 ($4-$6 at Target or CVS)
This is the only hairspray that tames flyaways, helps support curls in typically stick-straight hair and doesn't leave your style looking stiff, dried out and like a helmet. It's fine spray preserves volume and softness. HIGHLY recommend. End of story - it's fantastic!

Nail Product: Essie Good to Go ($8 at Target)
If you find yourself putting off painting your nails because they take so long to dry and you hate being paralyzed for an hour after you do it, you'll love Good to Go! You can literally layer on two coats of your favorite nail color, then paint on Good to Go and your nails will be dry and shiny as a gel manicure in 2 minutes. It's an absolutely fantastic product that I no longer ever paint my nails without.

Lipgloss: NYX Butter Glosses ($5 at CVS, Target and Ulta)
These glosses feel as smooth as... well, butter! And the shade range is beautiful! There lightly fruity-vanilla fragrance adds to how pleasant they are to apply and the comfort in wearing them takes the cake. They have become a staple item for most of my makeup loving friends.

Soap: Dove original beauty bar ($4 for 2 bars at Target)
Never, ever, ever underestimate the power of Dove soap. It works miracles! It is amazing not just for the body, but for the face. Breaking out? Use Dove. Dry skin? Use Dove. Sensitive skin? Use Dove. It is a powerhouse in a palm-sized package. It's the gold standard in my house and has been for years. My husband won't even use anything other than Dove.

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