Last Minute Gift Ideas - My 5 Personal Favorites

Just in case you're at a loss for what to get a lovely lady in your life, here are the 5 things I have absolutely been loving in my own life, and would highly recommend:

1. Skechers Chugga Boots or Goga Go Flash Sneaks

These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I walk about 3-4 miles a night with my good friend, year round. I've had the Go Flash sneaks for about a year now, and they are made with a recycled yoga mat insole. If you'd like to feel as though you're walking around on supportive marshmallows all day, these are the shoes for you (or your gift recipient of course!). The Chugga Boots are ankle height fuzzy boots with a memory foam insole. Since the weather has gone cold, I've been wearing these on my night walks, and they are super warm and comfortable. I even wore them throughout a long day in Disneyland and my feet felt great! Similar warm fuzzy boots have totally flat, not supportive insoles and I hated every pair I tried, but the Chuggas are winners. You can get the Go Flash shoes at the Skechers Outlet on Blackstone or at Kohl's, and the Chuggas should be available at the outlet as well. Worst case - you could pay for one-day shipping on Amazon. ($35-60)

2. Tarte Energy Noir Palette
Image via Sephora

I may or may not have purchased this for multiple people on my Christmas list and myself. I LOVE this little palette! What's neat about it is that every color is very wearable and flattering. Often people end up buying a palette for a few colors they fall in love with and tolerating/ignoring the rest. This palette is the exception and I use every single shade in it. (Not necessarily in the same look all at once, but you know what I mean.) This is also the perfect travel palette, as it has liner colors, blush, highlighter and eye shadows that all coordinate, so you can cut down on what you pack and just toss this pretty and study palette into your bag. This palette can be purchased locally at Sephora. ($38)

3. Stitch Fix Gift Card

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that hand picks 5 articles or clothing or accessories that they think would look fabulous on a person, based on their carefully completed style preferences and body type profile. The 5 items ship straight to the house so the recipient can try them all on, and they come with a prepaid mailing envelope so it's easy to return items that aren't keepers. Stitch Fix is great for people who love clothes or trying new styles, are too busy to shop (or can't enjoy shopping with kids in tow), those who are tired of seeing the same styles at every store, or people who say "I have no idea how to put cute outfits together, but I want to!" If you purchase a gift card, you'll be able to print it out and place it in a card for presenting, and you can put any amount you like on it. They can schedule a shipment (called a Fix) anytime, and there is no commitment to get more (but it's perfectly possible to request more). The amount you put on the gift card will cover the styling fee ($20) and clothing the recipient chooses to keep up to the value of the card. The price of each piece varies, but can be somewhat controlled by your recipient when she fills out her style profile.

P.S. A similar service, not affiliated with Stitch Fix, for men is :)

4. Knit Infinity Scarves in solid colors

Image via Target
I adore these and pretty much never feel like I could have too many. Most women I know love them too. Easy to pick up locally at Target. (Check for specific store availability before you go so you don't end up driving all over town.)

Suggested scarves:
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3 (This is a shorter scarf, not recommended for women who are self conscious about having a "round" face or double chin, etc. - which is a boat I've definitely been in in the past - a great choice for thin women and women who are often cold.)

5. Contigo Coffee Thermos
Image via Contigo

I LOVE this coffee thermos. I love it because it keeps my coffee hot for a long time and auto seals after each sip. I only need one hand to drink from it and it fits in my cup holder. Everyone I've recommended them to (or gifted them to) loves them, too! You might be able to find a two pack at Costco (dare you brave Costco today) but for sure you can find them individually at Target. (Be sure to look for the one-button, auto-seal version.)

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