January 2016 - Stitch Fix Review!

It's been awhile since I've done a Fix reveal, and I finally was able to set aside time during daylight hours to get some semi-decent photographs of the clothing from a Fix actually on myself - so I thought I'd share with you the items in my most recent box + a bonus item I haven't previously shared online, from two Fixes ago.

I'm hardly a fashion blogger, and even less a fashion model, so please bear with my photos. I feel really strange in pictures by myself/selfies - but I really wanted to show you what these cute items look like on an actual 3D person, so I suppose I'll suck up my insecurities and hope for the best!


Item 1

The first item in my Fix was the Abela Open Cardigan from Skies are Blue.

I received this cardigan in teal, which is a color I typically enjoy, and the style of cardigan seemed nice - a good potential layering piece. I was a little concerned about the ribbing on the arms, because sometimes if the arms fit snugly, and the ribs become curved with the shape of my arm, it can make my arms look bulkier than they are. This rib issue did occur, and kind of bothered me, but I didn't hate the sweater. Ultimately however, I felt that the sweater wasn't quite unique enough to justify its price ($48) and I thought I'd be able to find something similar at Target or somewhere locally for less if I really felt I needed something like it in my wardrobe. Verdict: Not kept.


Item 2

The next item I received was the Nilla Button Back Sweater from Pixley

Mustard yellow/gold is one of my favorite colors to wear, and my stylist Michelle mentioned in her note to me how happy she was to find such a great sweater in one of my favorite shades to send to me. This sweater was incredibly soft, and though I wouldn't call it thin, it was relatively light weight and didn't add a lot of bulk despite its textured weave. In theory, this sweater was amazing. Unfortunately, on me - it didn't quite work so well. I think the fit was supposed to be oversized, however on me, it looked like it was supposed to be a fitted sweater that was too big. Also, the cute wooden buttons that went down the back of the sweater brought the eye to my backside curviness in a not so great way. Prior to returning my unselected Fix items, my good friend tried on this same sweater - and it actually looked great on her! We have a different body type, and the sweater looked oversized in the right way on her, and really cute, so she decided to buy it from my Fix. Verdict: Not kept (for myself) but purchased by my friend.


Item 3

The third item in my Fix was one I was really excited to receive - the Shara Herringbone Vest from 41Hawthorn.

This vest is almost identical (if not actually identical) to one I've admired on one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Audrey from Putting Me Together.

If you haven't read Audrey's blog before, but would like ideas on how to put outfits together for those of us not on a Prada-Gucci-$300 jeans budget, she does a fantastic job of creating a formula for make many cute outfits out of a few key layering pieces. Check out her "Building a Remixable Wardrobe" series to learn more, it's wonderful!

Audrey's blogged about this vest and how to style it several times, and it really opened my eyes to the versatility of vests and made me want to find one for myself. Apparently, my stylist read my mind and sent me the exact vest! On me, the vest looks slightly bulkier than it looks on Audrey, but I still really like it. I was surprised at how much warmth it offered, despite the fact that it's not super thick. I'm looking forward to finding more ways to style this item with the current items in my closet and hope to find a few more basic long sleeve tees, perhaps on end of season clearance locally to pair with it as well. Verdict: Kept!


Item 4

The next item in my January Fix was the Yancy Plaid Top by Skies are Blue.

I have to admit, right off the bat I didn't love the colors in this otherwise cute plaid top. I just have a weird aversion to yellow being with black and red. Yellow and red make me think, "McDonalds. Fast Food." Yellow and black make me think, "Bees. Roads." I dunno. Together, this color combination just isn't feminine to me, and I prefer more feminine clothing, personally. The cut of the top is cute, and the contrasting inner fabric is a fun touch, too, but ultimately, I didn't feel this top did much for me and I just didn't love it. Verdict: Sent back.


Item 5

This last item, the Ashford Reversible Plaid Scarf by Octavia, was such a win in my book.

I've jumped on the plaid blanket scarf bandwagon this year (yes, I realize I'm a full year behind the trendy people, who figure out this trend last winter) and I requested a blanket scarf from my stylist. She sent this, stating she felt it would bring out my eye color and I absolutely love it and have nothing else like it in my existing winter wardrobe. One of the neatest things about this scarf, is that it's reversible - so I can wear it with one of two patterns showing, or, depending on how I tie it, I can wear it with both patterns showing, making it almost like three scarves in one. Verdict: Kept it!


Bonus Item:


The last time I received a Fix, money was a bit tighter as the holidays were coming, and I didn't want to spend too much money on myself. I did however receive one top in my Fix that I just loved, and I haven't found anything locally that I loved as much, in a similar style - so I kept it. Here is the Hover Lattice Detail Blouse I kept from my December Fix. The fabric is so soft and silky and I love the dainty flowers and navy background. It's a very lightweight top, so I will probably save it for warmer days, but I look forward to wearing it more soon!

Your Thoughts?

So, what do you think? Did I make the right calls on my most recent Fix?

Overall, I just genuinely love receiving my Fixes. It's such a fun experience, and I try things that I never would have thought to try, because they're there - right in my home, selected just for me, the least I can do is give them each a shot! Often, trying something on helps me to open my mind to new styles and outfit combinations, and that helps me when I do shop at local stores, too - because I become more willing to try things I previously would have dismissed. If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet, I highly encourage you to give it a shot. Come into the process with an open mind and a willingness to reach outside your comfort zone a little bit, and I'm willing to bet you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Stitch Fix generously provides their customers with a $25 referral credit when new customers try the service using referral links. If my posts have inspired you to try Stitch Fix, I'd be so very, super-duper grateful if you'd consider using my link when you setup your own Fix. Thank you so much! (I encourage anyone who is a customer to share their links with friends and family too, it's a wonderful way to receive beautiful clothing at a lower cost, while helping those you love look fab, too!)

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  1. I think the plaid shirt was adorable on you and you're much too critical! However, as fix-aholic myself I understand having to prioritize your loves due to budget constraints and I loved your keeps!


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