I've moved!

Hello my dears!

If you are one of my lovely, long-time readers, I wanted to let you know I've moved blog "homes".

Over the years, I've found myself finding passion for writing content about two things:

1. What I love about my hometown, Fresno, CA, and sharing all the wonderful things to do and see here.

2. My knowledge and experience with beauty and lifestyle products and techniques, especially with those who would like a little guidance so as to spend their hard-earned money on tried-and-true winning products, or are looking to perfect a specific look. I love helping others find what helps them feel like their most confident, beautiful selves - inside and out.

I've also realized I'm less interested in maintaining a personal blog that details my life. I'm not sure that's so interesting to anyone but myself, and I've found other ways to record the special memories I don't want to forget.

So, I've decided to focus my creative passions into those two areas, beyond this blog, as I believe it has run its course.

If you like reading my posts about Fresno and all the wonderful things here, please bookmark FresYes.com. My articles run on that site every Wednesday (and you can look through my past articles from the site here.)

If you like reading about beauty, home, clothing/fashion and general lifestyle recommendations and finds - please join me over at my new personal site, Can Do Beauty (candobeauty.com). 

On Can Do Beauty you'll find:
  • A welcome, explaining what the site is about
  • A blog section, that will be updated regularly
  • A downloadable shopping list of my favorite beauty products, for those building a personal kit from scratch (or just looking for a new favorite)
  • A list of my favorite resources (posts, videos, lists, books) from other content creators
  • A way to stay in touch/connect with me
I hope to see you in one or both places soon!

Lots of love,
Natali xoxo

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